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The Best Chinese Restaurants in London

Chinatown and Soho are very much the centers of the Chinese community in London – so it is no surprise to find that there are lots of brilliant Chinese restaurants throughout the city which you can explore while a resident at Regency House Hotel London.  We highlight some of the best.

Four Seasons in Gerrard Street is very well regarded among lovers of Chinese cuisine.  It is a specialist in roasted meats and has a massive 20-page menu ensuring that there is plenty of choice for everyone.  Typical dishes include crispy duck, char siu (barbequed pork) and Siew Yoke (crispy belly pork).

Four Seasons in Gerrard Street

Near Jen Café in Newport Place is definitely the place to go if you want tea and a light meal.  You can sit at the table and watch the chef hand wrapping dumplings that are filled to the brim with meat or vegetables.  The pretty green painted café is a great place to relax and enjoy a snack. Expect to drink authentic Hong Kong teas as well as the unusual Taiwanese style bubble tea.

The Near Jen Café in Newport Place

The Duck and Rice in Berwick Street is a really great pub cum restaurant.  You can enjoy beer freshly brewed from the copper tanks lining the walls, or have a beer-based cocktail.  The food is definitely varied. Try dim sums such as venison puffs and scallop shumai, or opt for larger dishes like chicken in black bean sauce and sesame prawn toast.

The Duck and Rice in Berwick Street

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Royal China in Baker Street is famous for its traditional Dim Sum. These delicate little parcels of food originate in Canton and are made daily by specialist chefs.  Although a very big restaurant, the décor is very intimate and you are served very quickly so it is a great place to come if you are in a hurry.

Royal China in Baker Street

Book a stay at any of the hotels near Oxford Street and head south to Belgravia’s Pimlico Road for one of the most stunning Chinese restaurants, Hunan.  Do not be put off by the rather sparse décor, as the food is out of this world.  As you enter the restaurant, expect a lot of questions. Are you hungry? Is there anything you cannot or will not eat? How spicy do you like your food? All these considerations are borne in mind as the food is brought to your table. Portions start small and steadily get larger as wave after wave of dishes are provided and can result in meals of up to 18 dishes.  The food style is based on the district of Hunan but does include influences from throughout China such as a peppery & sour Sichuanese cucumber salad, chili-laden Hunanese beef and sea bass with ginger and spicy onions. This is a restaurant along with other Chinese Restaurants where you can truly feast like an emperor!

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