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Circus Events in London This Year

2018 is Circus Year in London resulting in one of the most spectacular, lively and entertaining summers for visitors to enjoy with countless circus artistes to be found everywhere performing the most incredible, spell binding activities.  This is no ordinary festival for it celebrates the creation of the modern circus, 250 years ago and all modern circuses, no matter where they may be found in the world, owe their origins to that event. To make the most out of your time with your family, set up a base by booking a stay at any popular London Oxford Street hotel.

Back in 1768, Philip Astley, an out of work cavalryman was seeking a way to make a living. He had one very big skill – trick riding and was able to entertain people for long periods by showing off his expertise.  He decided that by combining his skill with that of other people, such as jugglers and acrobats, it would be possible to create a show that people would pay to come and watch.  All he needed was a site. He found the ideal place close to where Waterloo station is situated today, constructed a building and marked out a ring on the ground in which all the show performances would take place.  The idea quickly proved popular.  People came in large numbers to watch what he described as a circus. Soon other entrepreneurs were opening similar shows not just in England but throughout Europe. As time went on, the concept spread worldwide.  As a result, every modern circus owes its origins to that very first circus on London’s south bank

Throughout 2018, countless circus performances will be held in London celebrating that historic event. Book in early to a place in central London like a Regency House Hotel Gower Street and get ready to see an exceptional performance. It provides an incredible opportunity for anyone keen on circus to see some of the best talent from all over the world.  For example Circus Abyssina will be performing at the Underbelly Festival on London’s South Bank, while companies from Sweden, USA, Finland and Palestine will be appearing at the Roundhouse Theatre during CircusFest.

One of the most stunning circus events will be held in the courtyard at Somerset House on the Strand. Known as Circus Sampler, it will include performances by artistes performing on the Chinese Pole and tight wire as well as an amazing performance by acrobats amid the 55 water jets of the fountains in the Great Court!

If you are planning to visit London this summer and appreciate art, then you will be in luck. Don’t miss to see the very exciting Picasso 1932 exhibition at the Tate Modern happening until Sept 2018.

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