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London Dungeon was first opened in 1975 and situated on London‘s South Bank is definitely worth a visit.

Take a look back at the sinister and macabre side of Europe in the London Dungeon, a chilling and thrilling experience not for the faint hearted or nervous.

Here You will find a lively assortment of extremely unnerving actors in terrifying garb and makeup.  If you were ever wondering how to boil a head, one of the tour guides will explain the whole thing to you with other obscene tortures, once practised in our dark past.

Walk the recreated Victorian Streets and learn about the time when White Chapel was filled with terror from the notorious Jack the Ripper.

Take one of the many themed rides, such as a boat trip down the Thames.  You will find yourself growing paler by the second until finally be sentenced to death by a judge. There are some great enactments to witness and you will be glad you live in the twentieth century England when see them.

A fascinating place really good fun but not recommended for small children.

Stay at the Regency House Hotel and visit the London Dungeon, a short Underground ride from our Hotel.