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Fantastic Nightlife Experiences in London

Cities look different at night, and London is no exception. So get out and about when twilight falls, and discover the fantastic nightlife and activities on offer. Book an escape room, go for a stroll, see a play or musical, discover London’s historic pubs - and that is just for starters. If you are looking for entertainment, London certainly has much to offer. While planning for an awesome tip, search for some of the best hotels near Oxford Street for easy access to The West End as it is the home to numerous top theatres and cinemas, while there are several concert halls within easy reach such as the South Bank, Barbican, Royal Albert Hall and the 02 Arena. Check out last minute seat cancellations at the Leicester Square ticket office, and you may find you can get tickets immediately even sell out shows.

London is also home to many nightclubs, bars, and pubs many of which offer live music. The quality of the music is superb, and it can be a great way to discover up and coming bands and music trends.

There are restaurants and cafes around every corner, catering to every taste and food style. Booking in advance is recommended if you want a table at a popular eating venue. Take a look at what some of the rooftop bars and restaurants like the Oxo Tower can offer – it is a great way to enjoy some spectacular views while having a meal or drink.

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As darkness falls across London, it can be fun to take part in an atmospheric guided walk or tour around the various parts of the city. The East End is home to many Jack the Ripper walks, where tour leaders take groups into hidden alleys and along darkened pavements telling stories of the terrible wounds experienced by his victims as they died in terror.

Alternatively, try a ghost walk. Listen to tales of ghosts, of traitors, of murderers as you visit places like London Bridge, Monument, Leadenhall Market, Fleet Street. Or if you prefer to ride back in time, search out the gloomy, black Ghost bus for a terrifying journey around London accompanied by a conductor and helpers who bring the past to life.

Or you can just stroll along the Thames, watching the lights rippling in the water. Westminster to London Bridge makes a great circular walk as you can take in both sides of the river. Perhaps you prefer to be actually on the water? Search out the various river cruise companies offering dining or music while you cruise.

Want some iconic nighttime photos? Book a place in one of the cabins on the London Eye for sky-high views, cross the river by the Millenium bridge and look back for one of the most stunning views in London – the great Cathedral of St Paul’s standing guard as it has done for centuries, alternatively a good hotel near Covent Garden in London is a great option to book your stay.

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