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Spooky Nights! Halloween in London

Planning a spooky experience this Halloween?

This Halloween, London has plenty for you to choose from, while you are a resident at hotels in Covent Garden London. This is after all one of the most historic cities in the world, and a place where executions, grisly murders, torture and much more have taken place. It may well be that some of those stories will be revisited this autumn as people wend their way through the murky side of London’s history.

For over a thousand years, The Tower of London has loomed over the city. Built to control and dominate, it was a place where many have met their deaths. It is said that Elizabeth I cried and initially refused to enter when her sister Mary ordered her to live there, such was its reputation. After all, Elizabeth’s mother, Anne Boleyn, died on the block within those very walls. As the darkness deepens, visitors staying in Regency House Hotel London taking part in the Tower Twilight Tours, will discover just why the Tower was so scary, by exploring some of the spookiest and most frightening areas of the complex.

Alternatively sit back and enjoy (?) a trip on the London Ghost Bus. But bear in mind some of the passengers may not be all that they seem. As the strange unearthly conductor tells of murder, executions and ghostly visitors in the streets through which the bus passes; anything can happen. This is an exploration of London’s darker side, where its underworld can truly come to life.

Yet more terror awaits those who feel like exploring the London of swirling fogs and mists, of gas lamps and murderers bearing knives. Even today, the stories of Jack the Ripper can cause feelings of terror and horror, especially when you are meandering in a group through the darkened alleyways of London’s East End. It was this area that Jack the Ripper performed his ghastly deeds, and the tales of the murders reverberate down the years. Follow in Jack’s footsteps by taking part in a Jack the Ripper Ghost Walk, staring in the centre of the area he terrorized.

Take a look at the activities of London’s Month of the Dead. A host of events are lined up appealing to anyone who wants a ghoulish and spooky session. Try a torchlit cemetery walk or talk about death over tea and cakes in the Death Café. What about a walk amid the crypts and charnel houses that make up the Subterranean Sanctuaries of London or take a look at the massive bone archive held by the Museum of London and all of this just a short walk from the luxury hotels in Bloomsbury London which promise to provide rich and fulfilling entertainment.

Travel down the Thames and discover the horror of life at sea on the Cutty Sark. Listen to the tales of terror, tragedy and murder that her crew experienced as it sailed the seas. Having just about recovered from that candle lit tour, follow the path down beneath the ship to a special theatre where you can sit back and watch the classic horror movie of all time – Dracula!



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