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Hamleys in London – The massive store with seven floors of toys

Searching for the perfect child’s gift? You will be spoilt for choice in London. From teddy bears to Lego, board games to the latest computer game, you can guarantee to find it here. The first port of call for any potential present has to be a visit to Hamleys. It has been delighting children and parents for over two hundred years and has grown steadily to become one of the biggest toy shops in the world. While booking your stay at Regency House Hotel London, stroll down Regent Street and you cannot miss it. Hamleys has become a London landmark. It is pure, undiluted fun from the moment you enter the store.

The massive store contains seven floors of toys – the hardest part is making a choice and leaving especially if accompanied by kids. No one wants to leave this stunning collection of delights!

But something equally fun is within only a short walking distance. Head over to Leicester Square for the Lego Store, where you cannot help marveling at the designs on display. These are not just any building – expect to see a life-size Tardis, or to be able to step inside an underground train built entirely of Lego bricks. There are even Lego people sitting in the seats.

Close by in Covent Garden is another long established shop of childhood delights – Benjamin Pollack’s Toyshop. Stepping inside here is like stepping back into the past, as it contains all manner of traditional toys such as shadow boxes, dominos, cuddly animals and toy theatres with which children can exercise their imaginations telling stories old and new. The constantly changing patterns within a Kaleidoscope are guaranteed to capture attention, as are the pop-up toys, or the potential hours of fun making models and 3-D pictures.

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All the big department stores such as Selfridges in Oxford Street or Harrods in Knightsbridge have well-stocked toy departments. At Christmas times, their shop windows are filled with fantastic, eye-catching displays of animatronic models, snowy scenes and toys of all kinds. Some lucky children may even be able to meet Santa or his elves.

Near to any of the hotels near Oxford Street, there is the largest Disney store in Europe, which even incorporates a massive Castle where Tinkerbell may be glimpsed flying past. Don’t forget to greet the iconic Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck sentries as you enter ready to be swept up into a world of Disney magic.

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