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Ice Cream Delights London

Fancy an ice-cream?  Then head for one of London’s many ice cream parlours. The hardest part is going to be trying to decide between the many flavours on offer.  Even if you are vegetarian or vegan – there is ice cream for you too.

Visit Yorica on Wardour Street, Soho just a short and pleasant walk through Regency House Hotel London, for some really unusual ice cream flavours.  Located not far from the main shopping area at Oxford Street and Regent Street, the Yorica ice cream flavours change regularly so you never know quite what is going to be available.  Recent ones have include Mango, Beetroot, Spiced Pumpkin and Melon.  If you love peanut butter, then the peanut butter ice cream is a perfect choice for you.  Having chosen your flavour, you then have to choose toppings from the 60 varieties of sprinkle and 18 coulis or fruit toppings available.  A hard choice indeed!

Another Soho ice cream specialist with a difference is Gelupo where flavour comes first and foremost. The artisan chefs aim to create ice cream which is dense, not too sweet, full of flavour and uses only a very small amount of milk in the manufacturing process.  This gives it a very distinctive taste as it is not highly creamy in texture.  Naturally, their flavours are unusual too – try their coffee and honey gelato which is very popular with connoisseurs. Thankfully there are many hotels near Soho where travelers can drop their luggage off and relax. Equally worth trying is the ice lolly range which includes an avocado, cucumber and lime ice lolly.

Fortnum & Mason have a long established reputation for quality food merchandise so it is not surprising that they have a wonderful ice cream Parlour.  You can take it away or sit at one of their tables and watch the world go by. Among the flavours on offer are Sandringham Coffee, Strawberry made with 12 year old Balsamic vinegar or Salted Caramel. 

Strolling around the stalls and theatres of Covent Garden? Then look for La Gelateria.  An artisan company, it likes to be different and no two days are ever the same in terms of its produce.  The list of ice creams changes every day and the offering can be quite exotic.  La Gelateria has been known to offer chilli chocolate icecream, or Cornish Blue and walnuts!  While queuing to make your choice at this very popular venue, take a look through the glass floor.  Below in the basement you can see the artisan craftspeople actually making the ice cream that you will be buying a few minutes later.

Also in Covent Garden is Amorino. This is a chain of ice cream parlours – other locations include Soho and Chelsea.  These are no ordinary cones containing nicely rounded mound of ice cream. Amorino likes to stand out from the crowd by creating a icecream in the shape of pretty rosebud shaped flower.  Among the flavours on offer are Mango Sorbet, and L’Inimitable (Pistachio and Hazelnut).

So, make an effort to see at least a few of these delights while staying in hotels near Bloomsbury London. We guarantee, you’ll never forget them!

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