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London Attractions

Leicester Square

North of its cousin Trafalgar Square, and central to Piccadilly and Covent Garden, Leicester Square is on
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London Tower Bridge

London’s Tower Bridge has to be one of the most famous and visited bridges in the world. This esteemed
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London Theatre

For Theatre Houses, London is really the place to be, from Shaftesbury Avenue to Covent Garden, there is
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Comedy Venues In London

If you fancy a night of entertaining hilarity try the London Comedy Circuit.One of its most famous venues
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On The Doorstep Of London’s Attractions: Regency House Hotel Near Covent Garden

Regency House Hotel offers many great amenities, such as high quality in comfort and service, but the thi
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London Cinema

London of course has hundreds of Cinemas to choose from.The Renoir Cinema located at the Brunswick Centre
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