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London’s summer time exhibition extravaganza

What do artificial intelligence, the moon, Van Gogh and animals have in common? Not a lot you might think – until you take a look at the superb range of special exhibitions on offer in London this summer. Stroll over to the Barbican Centre in the City of London to explore the mysteries of artificial intelligence. Take a look at artworks created by computers and interact with them, touching characters and seeing them come alive. Watch robots writing features for magazines, and discover all kinds of animated comic books and figurines. For a comfortable stay, you can choose the Regency House Hotel, that is one of the best bed and breakfast near Covent Garden in London. Read this blog on London’s summer time exhibition extravaganza

Can the art of this kind compare with the masterpieces of the past? Visit exhibitions of two acknowledged masters of their craft and see what you think. Leonardo Da Vinci’s drawings are on display in the Queen’s Gallery in Buckingham Palace while over in Tate Britain, there is a superb exhibition focusing on Van Gogh, offering the opportunity to see the largest collection of his paintings on display in the UK for over a decade. See some of his most spectacular paintings such as Starry Skies, and discover how those paintings influenced countless UK artists over the years.

A very different style of art is on display at the British Museum. This is where you can find the largest display of Manga artworks to be found outside Japan. And it is not just artworks to be seen – manga has become one of the most influential cultural influences of the past two decades with the rise of manga comics, comic books, anime films, gaming, and cosplay performance art.

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Head a little further north to the Foundling Museum in Brunswick Square where works by the famous eighteenth-century London artist Hogarth are on display. Hogarth’s paintings became social commentaries on life in London, whether it was the ordinary people or the social elite. This exhibition focuses on one particular painting, The March of the Guards to Finchley, showing how it set out to bring alive not just social interactions, but noise too as a way of presenting a story. It is accompanied by a specially commissioned soundscape complete with the type of sounds portrayed in the picture such as the beating of drums, the clop of horses and carts, the sounds of street vendors and the marching of soldiers.

Throughout the summer the Museum of London is taking a look at the life of the beasts that have been associated with the city over the centuries – from domestic animals to the lions that lived in the Tower of London, as well as mythological dragons and griffins.

To complete this summer’s cultural experience, you can lie under the moon and dream. The Natural History Museum in South Kensington is showing the innovative Museum of the Moon, a massive globe that hangs just out of reach yet close enough for people to try and identify places like Apollo astronaut’s landing place within the Sea of Tranquillity. Accompanied by atmospheric music, and the sound of NASA control staff, you can even see the hitherto unseen, dark side of the moon. Make sure to book your stay at any of the best hotels near Soho in London for a luxurious stay and easy access to the summertime exhibition spots.

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