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London Zoo

One of the oldest Zoos dating from 1828 the public were allowed access in 1847.

It was one of the world‘s first scientific Zoos and was the first zoo to boast a reptile house and is now under the care and management of London Zoological society.

London Zoo is a great fun day out for the Family, and a chance to see Animals from all over the world

Many unusual and magnificent creatures prowl and play in simulated environments, mirroring those of there natural habbitats From otters to monkeys and more endangered and rare species

London Zoo is a contributor to animal conservation and is very high on the educational value of animals and environment

A great place for adults and children alike with over 600 types of animal to see, it really is a trip back to nature a glimpse of a would be natural world.

The Zoo has many activities and events happening throughout the year and also many exhibitions.

For younger visitors there is a petting zoo with the more tame variety of animal on show.

Depending on what time you visit there might be a rare chance to see animals being fed.

Situated in the outer circle of Regents Park