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Notting Hill Carnival – The Biggest Street Festival

Fancy a party? Then visit Notting Hill over the August Bank Holiday for this is the setting for the largest street party in Europe.  There is nowhere else in Europe where you can experience this stunning this mix of incredible music, spectacle, dramatic costumes and sheer exuberant fun where everyone is welcome. For the best access to the Carnival, stay at the nearby oxford street hotels.

Notting Hill Carnival was launched back in the 1960’s as an off shoot of the famous Carnivals in Trinidad.  People wanted to bring the vibrancy of Caribbean Carnival to London – and they have certainly succeeded.  It has now become part of the normal life of London, a must see event every August.

From dawn until late into the night, the streets of Notting Hill reverberate with the sound of calypso music, reggae, soca and garage.  Spectacular parades wind their way through the streets with thousands of dancers dressed in vibrantly coloured outfits performing intricate routines to the music of steel bands. 

Then there are the impromptu parties that spring up everywhere.  Over 30 mobile sound systems can be found throughout Notting Hill, Ladbroke Grove and Westbourne Park.  Just find the music you like and join in the dancing. 

Dress up or down as you please.  Add in some sparkle, sequins, fancy dress – nothing is out of place within this all pervading carnival atmosphere.  It’s colourful, lively, exuberant and the party just goes on and on. 

Expect massive crowds.  Over one million people make their way to the Notting Hill Carnival every year.  Underground stations in the area are frequently closed for short periods simply due to the congestion.  Then there are the sheer number of performers involved – over 50,000 of them! And that is just in the official parades that can take hours to pass through the busy streets. Everywhere you look, everywhere you go within the Carnival area there will be something new, something different to see.  Dominating everything is the Carnival beat – the throb of music and dance. 

Be patient and be prepared to wait.  Queues are inevitable.  Just relax and enjoy the party atmosphere.  Try some Caribbean food such as Jerk chicken or rice and peas from one of the many street vendors. Look out for Jamaican stout or try coconut milk.  Alternatively look for the best in street food from one of the many traders vans scattered throughout the area and most importantly, choose an elegant hotel like Hotels in Bloomsbury London where you can relieve stress at the end of a long day.

Notting Hill Carnival has become one of the greatest free events in London and everyone is welcome.  All you have to do is come prepared to have fun and dance.  So, don’t miss the event if you are in London during August month and staying in beautiful Regency House Hotel London.







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