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Plan a trip to London and avoid queues

It’s a warm, sunny day in London and you are standing in a queue, with no idea when you will reach the end.  Even worse, it could be raining, hailing or snowing! But, all you want to do is explore as much of London as possible during your holiday – instead you are wasting time standing in a queue.

Such scenarios can be easily avoided, as long as you think ahead.  A little bit of thought will make all the difference. Start by working out what you really want to do. What are the attractions you really want to see? Do you want to go to a specific restaurant or see a particular theatre production? Book ahead, obtain your tickets or tables in advance and you will jump any queues.

Head out of your hotel room at Regency House Hotel London to obtain a London Pass can be a really useful way of avoiding queues.  It provides quick entry into most of the main attractions like the Tower of London, St Paul’s Cathedral and Madame Tussauds.  If you are planning to visit free attractions such as the British Museum simply get there early in the morning and be at the head of the queue, ready for having bags checked before you go in.

Time your activities carefully while a resident at one of the hotels in Covent Garden London.  Avoid rush hour congestion or busy times in pubs, restaurants and cafes.  London is a working city, with thousands of people working in offices and shops every day.  They are generally rushing to work around 7.30 to 9.am and returning around 4.30 to 6.30 in the evening.  Lunch time is around 12 to 2pm.  This is when queues will be longest for trains, buses, in pubs, restaurants and cafes.  As a visitor you have much more freedom to travel and dine outside those times.

Oyster cards make travelling on the Underground or London Buses much faster.  You can buy these in advance. All you have to do is place the card on the barriers at the start and end of your journey. If you prefer taxis, then you can use the Airbnb app, or hail a black cab in the street.

Book a stay at an affordable bed and breakfast in gower street and plan your day in advance.  Try and do as much as possible within a specific area for example if you are planning to visit St Paul’s Cathedral then linking it with the Museum of London or the Bank of England Museum is a convenient option.  Want to combine shopping with culture – then how about the Victoria & Albert Museum, Science Museum, Natural History Museum with some shopping around the Kensington area? Or combine Hyde Park with a visit to Harrods? This will enable you to maximize what you are doing and save time.

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