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SOHO is famous for it sassy, seedy and salacious venues, bars, clubs and shops.

Offering numerous erotic services, it has recently cleaned up it’s image and is now one of the hip places to be seen.

SOHO has some of the most well known and exceptional clubs and Restaurants in the world, and its late hour opening times are a bonus to those going out on the town.  It also has its own Theatre and a Museum, which houses contemporary collections of SOHO’s comparatively recent history.

The SOHO as we know it today was born in the sixties, but is still full of culture and highly as entertaining and popular as it ever was. Travelers generally prefer to book hotels near Soho to experience the life and soul of Central London.

London’s China Town is well worth a visit with many eateries for people with only one thing on there mind, food.  There are also lots of colourful traditional and Oriental Festivals held throughout the year.

Located between Oxford Street and Shaftsbury Avenue, SOHO is close to many tube stations, including Oxford Circus, Piccadilly Circus, Tottenham Court Road and Leicester square.

Enjoy your holidays while staying in Regency House Hotel which is one of the closest hotels near Soho London.

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