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Tate Modern Art Gallery – All you need to know about the Art Gallery

Tate Modern Art Gallery

The iconic towers of the Tate Modern dominate the south side of the River Thames as it runs through the heart of London. It is a building which has become one of the most popular art galleries in the city, attracting thousands of visitors every year. For easy access to the art gallery with a comfortable stay, head towards any of the best hotels near Covent Garden in London.

Designed by the distinguished architect Giles Gilbert Scot between 1947 and 1963, the building was originally a power station providing electricity across the city. When Bankside Power Station was decommissioned, a new purpose was sought for this iconic building. The Tate Gallery quickly recognized the potential offered by the massive open spaces of this amazing building to provide a home for its contemporary art collection.

The result has been the creation of an extremely popular art venue, with a constantly changing pattern of exhibitions as well as permanent galleries containing works by prominent artists.

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The Tate’s older collections remain at its original home in Chelsea, now known as Tate Britain. It is here that visitors can explore some of the most stunning masterpieces of British art, especially the work of James Mallard William Turner.

Turner has frequently been described as the father of modern art, creating stunning masterpieces that stepped outside traditional art forms capturing the sense of speed and movement in a way no other artist had ever done before.

Many of his works can now be seen in the Clore Gallery at Tate Britain as the gallery owns the largest collection of Turner’s work anywhere in the world. Typical Turner masterpieces on view include Snowstorm, Hannibal and his Army Crossing the Alps and The Shipwreck.

It is possible to combine a visit to both art galleries using the special Tate Boat service. Operating every 40 minutes from the Tate Pier, the Tate Boat takes less than thirty minutes from one gallery to the other, passing by many of the most historic buildings in London including the Houses of Parliament. Tickets can be purchased online, via a kiosk at the Tate Pier or through the use of an Oyster card.

For art lovers, a visit to the Tate Gallery is an absolute ‘must do’ while in London. It possesses an incredible collection of artworks dating back to 1500, showing the skill of British artists over the years. In order to make an exciting and fun trip to the art gallery choose one of the best hotels near Soho in London. Tate Modern has made a name for itself as a venue for contemporary art, housing a vast array of sometimes controversial exhibitions.

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