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Things to do near Regent’s Park and Baker Street

The Regency House Hotel in Gower Street, London, is situated not far from The Regent’s Park and Baker Street, both of which are rich in tourist appeal and attractions.

The Regent’s Park is one of the city’s Royal Parks, being Crown land since the Middle Ages (when it was established as a royal hunting ground), and it lies within both the City of Westminster and the London Borough of Camden. The park has an outer and an inner link road, but is otherwise entirely pedestrian, making it easily accessible on foot for visitors staying in hotels near Covent Garden. Incorporated into the park are Queen Mary’s Gardens, Regent’s Park Lake, London Zoo, and Regent’s Canal. London Central Mosque is situated nearby, as is an array of colleges and Regent’s University. There is also an Open Air Theatre in the park.

Baker Street is located just to the southwest of Regent’s Park, in Marylebone. It is most famous for its fictional association with Sherlock Holmes, who lived at 221B Baker Street in the novels by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. In the 1800’s, it was a high class residential area, but today is predominantly a commercial precinct.
There are plenty of things to do in the Regent’s Park/Baker Street area...

• London Zoo is found in the park’s north east corner, and is sure to delight visitors of all ages. Check out the Gorilla Kingdom, Penguin Beach, and Tiger Territory! There is also a petting zoo for children to get up close with friendlier animals.

• Open Air Theatre: during the summer months, the Open Air Theatre in Regent’s Park presents plays and musicals. For example, summer 2015 saw productions of Peter Pan and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.

• Royal Academy of Music Museum showcases musical instruments and memorabilia dating from the 1500’s. Displays include History of the Academy, Strings Gallery, and the Piano Gallery. A must for music lovers.

• London Central Mosque stands on the periphery of Regent’s Park, and is instantly recognisable by its magnificent gold dome. With a capacity of two thousand worshippers, it is joined with the Islamic Cultural Centre which was opened in 1944 by King George VI. Visitors must respectfully remove shoes and women must cover their heads on entry to the mosque.

• London Beatles Store specialises in Beatles memorabilia and merchandise, and it located at 231-233 Baker Street. If you love this most famous of British bands, you must visit this store!

• Sherlock Holmes Museum is a small private museum situated at the famous address at which the fictional detective resided, at 221B Baker Street. It is the first museum worldwide to have been dedicated to a fictional character, and no fan of Holmes and Watson should miss it.

• Madame Tussauds world famous wax museum is located on Marylebone Road, short walk away from hotels near Soho London, and is amongst London’s biggest tourist attractions.

• Lords Cricket Ground is not far from Regent’s Park and Baker Street; the first cricket match was played in 1787 between Middlesex and Essex. The standard rules for the game still observed today date to 1788.

Explore this region of inner London from your luxury accommodation at Regency House Hotel on Gower Street. Even just strolling Baker Street and having a picnic in Regent’s Park is a beautiful and relaxing day out, soaking up the unique London atmosphere...

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