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London Tower Bridge

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London’s Tower Bridge has to be one of the most famous and visited bridges in the world. This esteemed landmark literally represents England’s capital city. Erected through the 1880s and opened in 1894, it is typical of the duality of Victorian civil engineering, both a fine piece of architecture and a leading edge piece of engineering of the day.

Now fully opened to the public you can explore the towers and take in breathtaking panoramic views over the capital, up the river, across to the Tower of London, and St. Katherine’s dock, from the high level walk-ways, fully 140 feet above the Thames.

Despite the fact that traffic on the river has declined since it was opened, the bridge is still regularly opened to allow the passage of larger ships , often announced on local radio so that the tourists can get there with the cameras and the motorists can find another way across! You can still see the original Victorian steam engines which used to power the bridge, and there is also a modern exhibition including video and interactive themes. Three venues within the bridge cater for corporate event and even weddings.

Still one of the most popular crossings over the river it is at the heart of London Pride